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Worship: 8:30am & 10:30am
Christian Education: 9:20am
Offsite @ Kyrie: 5pm
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Trinity Lutheran Church is planted in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District

We are located at 3621 Tulsa Way at the corner of Montgomery Street and Camp Bowie (across from McDonalds). Tulsa Way intersects Montgomery Street just one block south of Camp Bowie Blvd., approximately one mile north of West Freeway (or I-30) about 1 mile west of Downtown Fort Worth.
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Daily Devotional

Is God still inspiring people to write new parts of the Bible?-"Beyond Question" Q&A Series

This is part of our "Beyond Question" Lenten Series. Questions were requested from members of the congregation of all ages. Sunday school and Bible Study classes were polled and over 40 unique questions were collected. Each Sunday Worship service a new question will be drawn at random by a Trinity member and Pastor Gronberg or Pastor Mohn will answer that question on this blog the following week (typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays)...

Is God inspiring people to write new parts of the Bible? In short, the answer is No. The canon (the 66 books of the Bible accepted by the majority of Christians around the world) was established by about the 4th Century. These texts were considered to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to be the written word of God. As opposed to the living word of God, Jesus Christ.

In recent years many "new" gospels have been discovered. Notably the Gnostic gospels popularized by fiction such as the DaVinci code and other "scholarly" research. However, these new gospels are in fact actually older texts which were known at the time of the canon and rejected for many reasons. As such, for better than 1,600 years the bible has contained the same collection of books it has today. Some, including Martin Luther, have argued that certain books should not have been included. However, in the end the canon has been preserved both out of tradition and the belief that indeed God did inspire the authors of these texts.

The Bible is the most published, least read book in the history of humanity. Most people in North America have at least been exposed to biblical stories and themes whatever their religious convictions (or lack thereof). The phrase "It's in the bible somewhere" is almost laughably familiar to most westerners. But the reality is, very few people actually engage and read scripture regularly as it seems old, dull or simply "already read." American's crave the new and improved. However, perhaps what is needed is a new and improved emphasis on study of scripture, on the realization that we don't actually need new books of the Bible to discover things about God, we simply need to renew our focus on the scripture we have.

For resources on studying the bible, check out this link. Pastor Mohn and Pastor Gronberg are excited that since they have come to Trinity the number of people studying scripture and the groups being offered have continued to multiple. Most led by lay people. The Pastors are willing to help equip you to lead and study scripture. You can do this!!!