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Trinity Lutheran Church is planted in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District

We are located at 3621 Tulsa Way at the corner of Montgomery Street and Camp Bowie (across from McDonalds). Tulsa Way intersects Montgomery Street just one block south of Camp Bowie Blvd., approximately one mile north of West Freeway (or I-30) about 1 mile west of Downtown Fort Worth.
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Daily Devotional

Confirmation Class Review

This evening our confirmation learners will take time to review the work they have been doing this fall. This is then in preparation for their exam on Wednesday Nov. 12th. They have been focusing this year on Luther's Small Catechism and this fall learning the 10 commandments and apostles creed and Luther's explanations. Some of this group will Affirm their Baptismal Faith on Trinity Sunday (May 31, 2015) and others in 2016. The confirmation learners focus on Bible in one year and Small Catechism the other year and undergo a public examinition prior to the liturgy of Affirmation of Baptism.

We post this review as it might be interesting for you, if you wonder about answers to these questions, we would invite you to join on Adult Confirmation classes on Friday nights led by Seminarian Nicole Martin. 




November 5, 2014

Review for Exam on November 12, 2014

The learner should be able to recite the Apostles Creed and 10 Commandments from memory

-The Small Catechism was written by ______________________ in __________.

-It was the author’s goal that this document would be used to help  ______________________________________________________________.

-The Small Catechism covers the following aspects of our faith…

__________________________, _____________________, _________________, __________________________, _____________________, _________________

-How many commandments are there? ____________ Why are they the first thing in the Catechism?___________________________________________________.

-We find the commandments where in the Bible?

-What does God remind the people of before the first commandment? _________ _________________________________________________________________

-What are some things that can get in the way of us following the commandments? __________________________________________________________________

-What does Luther include as wrongful uses of God’s name?_________________


-What does God ask the people to remember on the Sabbath? Why?____________


-What do the first 3 commandments have in common? ______________________

-What is important about the 4th commandment? __________________________

-Who does Luther include as well as parents and who are those people for you?___


-How can we help and support others?___________________________________

-What happens when trust is betrayed?___________________________________

-Luther includes what in his definition of stealing? _________________________

-What do all these explanations have in addition to the law? __________________


-What is the eighth commandment about?_________________________________

-What else does Luther include? ________________________________________


-What does covet mean? _____________________________________________

-Luther separates the coveting commandments into two, why?________________


-The word Creed comes from the Latin word __________ and means _________.

-The Creed contains _____ articles that each discuss one of the _______________ of the ____________________________________________________________.

-The first article of the Creed concerns God the ____________________.

-What has God created according to Luther? ______________________________.

-Why is it important that we understand God as the Creator? __________________


-The Second article of the Creed concerns God the _________________.

-What does God the Son do according to Luther?___________________________ __________________________________________________________________.

-What scripture relates to God’s purpose in the Son? _______________________

-Why does God the Son do this, for what purpose? _________________________


-The third article of the Creed concerns God the ____________________.

-The Article describes God as the ___________________.

-According to Luther, how do we come to believe? ________________________ __________________________________________________________________.

-Can we believe in God without the Holy Spirit? _______________________ __________________________________________________________________

-Why is it important that we understand God as the sustainer of our faith and the gatherer of the church? _______________________________________________


-In Acts 2, what does the Holy Spirit do when it comes upon the people?________ __________________________________________________________________

-Why does this matter?_______________________________________________

Write out the 10 Commandments