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Trinity Lutheran Church is planted in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District

We are located at 3621 Tulsa Way at the corner of Montgomery Street and Camp Bowie (across from McDonalds). Tulsa Way intersects Montgomery Street just one block south of Camp Bowie Blvd., approximately one mile north of West Freeway (or I-30) about 1 mile west of Downtown Fort Worth.
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Daily Devotional

Are you dead before you are baptized?-"Beyond Question" Q&A Series

This is part of our "Beyond Question" Lenten Series. Questions were requested from members of the congregation of all ages. Sunday school and Bible Study classes were polled and over 40 unique questions were collected. Each Sunday Worship service a new question will be drawn at random by a Trinity member and Pastor Gronberg or Pastor Mohn will answer that question on this blog the following week (typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays)...

The quick answer is of course you are not dead. You are a living breathing creation of God and valued by God just as that. A blessed and God gifted creation. However, there is a problem in that we are born sinful beings (Psalm 51:5). Creation was created good by God, however sin entered into that creation, creating a fallen humanity.  This is why we die. As a result we need to be cleansed and renewed by God's gift of baptism.

Ephesians 2:5 speaks to this issue. We are "dead in our trespasses". What does this mean? It does not mean we are not breathing. But we are all under the sentence of death that comes from the "Old Adam," the sinner in us all. This sinner must be reborn of the Spirit of God (John 3:1-9). This happens through the grace given to us in Baptism. In Baptism we then die in that our sins are drowned away and we are reborn as children of God.

Many churches misuse the concept of being "born again" in a way that indicates this is somehow a choice you make. To be reborn and "saved" is not something that you, a human being does, it is God's gracious action given through Christ. In the waters of baptism we are made one with Christ, we are literally "buried with him" (Romans 6:4) and raised to a new life. This is not our action, but God's. We do not make Christ our savior, God has chosen to become our savior.

This is why Lutherans and the vast majority of Christians both historically and today practice infant baptism. An infant, brought to the font by their parents or guardians, is completely helpless. It cannot make a choice or accept God. The baby simply receives God's love poured out for it through water and the word. In the scriptures we record that entire families were baptized in this way. Adults, Children, Infants. (Acts 10). God's love not restricted by age or mental faculty. God's love poured out as Christ poured himself out on the cross. (Phillipians 2)

So are you dead before you are baptized? Yes, you are. And in baptism you really die the only death that matters. For once baptized you are given a new name, that of Child of God and inheritor of eternal life. Made alive in baptism, then you are called to the most challenging task of all. To serve and live as disciples of Jesus Christ. To call others to life in him.